Riverside Drive

Riverside Drive Band Photo - by Libby GambleRiverside Drive is a Southern Rock band from Asheville, NC. Rising from the ashes of the John Douglas Company power trio and evolving in the anything goes atmostphere of the River Arts District Tuesday Night Jam (now on Thursdays), Riverside Drive formed to give life to the dynamic repertoire JDC left idle. Breathing new life into Skeeter Rourk’s wistful soldier ballads and powerful rockers, the sound is at times delicate and contemplative, at others bursting with an energetic forcefulness. Find our music and upcoming dates below!
The Band

  • Skeeter Rourk – Guitar
  • Abe Anderson – Slide Guitar
  • Danny Harvey – Bass
  • Jeremy Ferguson – Keyboards
  • Tom Gibson – Drums
  • Ron Roman – Percussion
  • Emma Burton – Vocals


The latest mixes from the UNCA session are now available on Soundcloud!

Here are the rough mixes from our UNCA studio session:


Hard to Handle

Beautiful Women

Wrong End of a 45


Thanks to Zac Fischman, our studio engineer on these sessions